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Instruction Manual

1 Simply pull your old shower enclosure sealing strip off the glass. (Sometimes it is also glued on with a little silicone, so that you have to tighten it a little more).      




2 Shorten the new sealing strip to the correct length using the existing strip. Use a small saw, such as a Puk saw, cutter or similar.




3 The lower strip can be shortened with a cutter if necessary. Make sure to use a cut-resistant base.





4 Thoroughly clean the shower door of any impurities. The surface should be free of grease and dirt. You can use a standard glass cleaner for this purpose. Silicone residues must also be completely removed beforehand.



5 As a last step, place the new shower seal on the glass edge of the shower door. If it is difficult to fit the new seal onto the glass, a little washing-up liquid will usually help. 



If necessary, use transparent silicone to fix the sealing strip.

Care labels

You should clear shower separations made of glass with warm water and some dish liquid or usual glas cleaner (no paste!). As long as you take care of your shower and cleat it up regularly and you won't have any chalk problems.

Simply use the time after taking a shower to clean up the shower. First of all you have to clear all rests of hair shampoo and shower gel. Afterwards you have to use your glass prof puller to remove some tears. Now you have to immediately rub those areas and profiles dry. The shower looks like a new one now.

The glass remains shining and clear. With a plastic shower you can use the same procedure without hesitation or fall back with stubborn depositions on a special cleaner established from the manufacturer.

How often a thorough cleaning with glass cleaner and chamois is necessary, depends not only on how often you take a shower. Improved models with their waterproof surfaces reduce the nursing expenditure, because dirt does not stick.

Mainly the hardness of your water, to be more accurate the lime content in your water plays a decisive role. Soft low lime content water leaves fewer tracks than hard water does.

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